About Us

Our Mission

One Family Memphis brings rehabilitation, healing and a renewed sense of hope to challenged communities by providing a climbing facility, Memphis Rox, and programs that foster relationships across cultural, racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

We exclude no one – regardless of ability to pay. 

About Us

One Family Memphis is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Memphis, Tennessee that oversees development and marketing for Memphis Rox and other service initiatives on our campus in Soulsville, USA. Founded in 2018 by Writer and Director Tom Shadyac, our organization works to provide resources to surrounding communities while cultivating a new generation of diverse leaders through recreation, education and inspiration.

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Annual Reports

The One Family Memphis annual report provides an overview of the organization’s accomplishments for the previous year and a summary of the organization’s financial operations. Annual reports are available below. 

For more information on One Family Memphis and our financial operations, contact our Office Manager at 901-410-8700 or accounting@onefamilymem.org.

Meet Our Team

Chris Dean, Creative Director

Jarmond Johnson, Outreach Coordinator

Joshua Cannon, Creative Director

Nicole Di Grazia, Marketing & Development Coordinator

Thomas Preston, Development Coordinator 

Roshaunda Burwell, Office Manager

Board of Directors

Tom Shadyac


Rajon Blanding

2018 – Present

Marcy Stagner

2019 – Present

Robert Machen

2018 – Present

Susannah Herring

2018 – Present

Conrad Anker

2020 – Present

Chris Hughes

2018 – Present

Tom Lawrence

2019 – Present

Kera Wright

2020 – Present